The African Youth Empowerment Synergy-AYES is a registered non-profit organization (Reg. No. 00000599/ARDA/JO6/ALPAS/APPB) located in Yaounde-Cameroon. It was originally founded in October 2008 by 8 graduates determined to contribute to the local development agenda under the former name “Youth Empowerment and Development Network-YEDN”. In 2015, there was a need to engulf wider perspectives and to broaden the scope of the organization to better deal with the dynamic and complex challenges of sustainable development. This brought in new ideas and expertise into the management team of the organization. The name was modified from “Youth Empowerment and Development Network- YEDN” to ''African Youth Empowerment Synergy- AYES'' to meet this new agenda. However, AYES today still lays strong emphasis on youth capacity building, which was the initial goal of the organization. AYES is a membership organisation, run by a board of experts and early career scientists and entrepreneurs who are motivated to lead development initiatives in their local communities and the world at large. Membership is open to anyone who shares the views and vision of the organization.

Mission and Vision

It is the mission of AYES to contribute to the sustainable development agenda through collaborative Environment conservation, development intervention, capacity building and project support. AYES looks at how environmental integrity and social justice can be achieved in the dynamic and complex globe in which we live. Emphasis is laid on collaborative actions and networking aimed at reducing poverty in various African communities and society targeting the youths.

AYES holds that through inclusive and meaningful participation, sustainable development can be achieved. The Mission of AYES is accomplished through capacity building, environmental conservation, development intervention and policy engagement activities. Bringing social and natural scientists together, AYES works in and across the areas of environment, development and governance. The organization aims at generating new thinking and practical solutions.

We believe youths are at the center of our society. In our African society, communities benefit six times more every time a young person is successfully established. The African youth at a certain age is responsible for the welfare of his or her family. Their ability to effectively play this role is highly dependent on their immediate economic and financial ability-the socio economic situation of a young person in an african community directly impacts the society which is why AYES community development program are mostly geared towards the socio economic emancipation of young people especially those living in rural communities. We are actively invested in identifying community challenges and mobilising the needed resources in synergy with local councils and community stakeholders in order to establish a stable socio economic environment where youths can thrive at the benefit of their families, communities and society as a whole..